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Human trafficking is incredibly widespread and our hotels have an important role to play in keeping our community and our hotels safe from this harm. HANYC is now partnering with Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST) to provide FREE human trafficking training for HANYC members and their staff. 

HANYC has been at the forefront of legislative and training efforts to combat human trafficking in the hospitality industry in the Greater New York City area, both legislatively and operationally. We place a very high value on training and preventative measures to combat this scourge and are very pleased to be partnering with BEST to achieve our goals in this area.

Vijay Dandapani​

President & CEO of Hotel Association of New York City​

BEST offers the most comprehensive human trafficking training available in the country for hospitality employees. BEST’s training is a proven tool that helps victims of human trafficking escape exploitation and helps trained hotels become less hospitable for traffickers. Survey research has shown that before receiving training, only 8% of trainees recognized a trafficking incident within the prior year. After taking BEST’s training, that number jumped to 44% of trainees identifying victims. 

1. Provide an overview of sex trafficking and labor trafficking and their impact on the hotel industry 

2. Discuss common indicators of human trafficking and case examples 

3. Give action steps for how to respond to and prevent human trafficking 

4. Discuss key takeaways and provide additional resources, including modules to address real scenarios or receive more in-depth training 

1. Individual online training for staff (in English and Spanish) 

2. Individual online training for owners and managers (staff training course plus additional modules and resources for owners and managers) 

3. Group training (in English and Spanish) that owners or managers can use to train their staff in person 


Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST) is the first nonprofit organization in the country dedicated entirely to working with businesses to disrupt human trafficking. BEST has provided consultation and training to hundreds of hotels focused on reducing human trafficking and mitigating the reputational, legal, and financial risks associated with it. BEST has trained thousands of hotel employees and equipped them to protect their hotel and employer from human trafficking.


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