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We at the Hotel Association of New York City do not handle any pension benefits. To find out what you are entitled to please contact 212-586-6400 ext. 4125.

Operation and Taxes in New York City

If you are staying at a New York City hotel your taxes will be:

  • New York State Sales Tax for Hotels: 4%
  • New York City Sales Tax for Hotels: 4.5%
  • MCTD (Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District) sales & use tax – 0.375%
  • NYC Hotel Room Occupancy Tax Rate – $2 per room + 5.875%
  • New York State Hotel Unit Fee (aka Javits Center fee) – $1.50 per unit per day

It will end up being a little less than 15% + $3.50 per day.

We suggest that you contact the manager of the property you booked with and explain your experience and expectations in detail. We at the Hotel Association of New York City do not handle complaints against any hotels.

Yes, it is mandatory to display Hotel Public Rates.

The minimum age requirement to book and stay in New York City is 18 years old, with proof of identification.

  1. New York State Sales Tax 4% on the hotel stay and most items on the bill.
  2. New York City Sales Tax 4.875% (includes City sales tax of 4.5% + MTA charge of 0.375%) on the hotel stay and most items on the bill. Usually, the above two are charged together as one rate 8.875% on the hotel stay and most items on the bill.
  3. New York State “hotel unit fee” $1.50 per Unit/Key per night. 
  4. NYC Hotel Occupancy Taxes:
    1. On most of the items that relate to the room stay, (should not normally be applicable on items like minibar, movies) on the bill taxed at the rate of 5.875%  
    2. Additionally, a charge of $2 per Night per room tax. Just to clarify, if there is more than one room in the unit, then it is $2 per room, not applicable to your bathroom.


Here is a link to the NYC website explaining some of the taxes:

Here is a link to NYS Publication 848: A Guide to Sales Tax for Hotel and Motel Operators:

Short-Term Rentals in New York City

In New York City a Short-Term Rental refers to renting for any period shorter than 30 days. There are rules, laws and consequences governing short-term rentals that are enforceable today.

In New York City an illegal hotel refers to an entire apartment or home rented to visitors on a transient basis i.e. for less than 30 days. However, an apartment owner/renter (subject to their building restrictions and laws) can have up to two paying guests for less than 30 days provided each such guest has unobstructed access to every room and to each exit within the apartment and the right to use at least one bathroom. In addition, the legal occupant of the apartment must be present during the guests’ stay if it is for less than 30 days; and no key locks may be installed on any internal door as all occupants in the premises need to maintain a common household.

Please note that New York State law also prohibits the advertising of an apartment in a Class A multiple dwelling (generally, a building with three or more permanent residential units) for rent for any period less than 30 days. Fines for doing so range from $1,000 to $7,500 and will be issued to the person who posts the advertisement. Visitors looking to submit a complaint regarding an illegal hotel may either call 311 or click on the following link.


The cost of your short-term rental or hotel room will depend largely on the location and the time of year. On the surface, booking a short-term rental may appear to be less expensive. However, when taxes and cleaning service fees are included typically you will be looking at just about the same amount for booking a hotel. Hotels provide easier check-ins, concierge, security and lastly what you see is what you usually get when booking a hotel room.

Getting Around New York City

There are a number of ways to get around New York City. Not to mention apps that make doing so a lot easier.

The MTA Subway is one of the quickest ways to get around New York City here are some tips on how to ride the Subway.


This subway map is a simple, scrollable and zoomable guide for all subway lines, connections, and stops. The best thing about this map is that is works underground requiring no internet service.

MTA Subway Time

Track your train with this app, which provides live, up-to-date schedules for a number of train lines.


This app provides you with schedule information based on the closest transit options near you; it includes everything from the bus to the subway to the PATH train and Uber availability. This app can also be used in other participating US cities like Los Angeles, Boston and Washington DC. 

The Weekender app is your go-to guide to getting around NYC when construction alters your weekend subway service. The app displays all service changes so riders can plan accordingly.