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City & State NY: The 2022 Political PR Power 50

Since its founding five years ago, Pythia Public has consistently punched above its weight. Alexis Grenell has been driving changes in how the state responds to sexual harassment and highlights the need for good government reforms. Her business partner, Evan Thies, has been in the spotlight playing a crucial role in the ascension of New York City Mayor Eric Adams, perhaps the most significant election outcome in the country in 2021. The small firm, which also has Becky Stern on board as communications director, notched another major win at the polls last year with Brad Lander’s victory in the New York City comptroller’s race. 


Architectural Digest: The Global Supply-Chain Crisis Is Hitting Hotels Where It Hurts Most

By now, supply-chain shortages at hotels—and, quite frankly, everywhere else—are an all too familiar scenario in the wake of the pandemic. Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal reported that properties around the country have had difficulties sourcing mini bottles of shampoo, towels, and other basics. And get this: Items such as Champagne flutes are also in short supply.

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