Be an Advocate for the hotel industry

How to Speak Up for the Issues That Matter to You

“If President Biden decides to relax restrictions on international travel, even on a selective basis, that would make a quantum difference."
Vijay Dandapani
President and CEO of Hotel Association of New York City

You Can Make a Difference

Taking part in the political life of our country is a right and privilege exercised by too few Americans. Your special training and expertise uniquely qualify you to contribute to the development of federal policies and programs and to the reshaping of political attitudes toward hospitality. 

Members of Congress and their offices receive million of letters, emails and phone call every year. And, believe it or not, they really do want to know what is important to their constituents. The following tips will help you organize your thoughts and present a concise and persuasive message to your senator or representative.

9 Essential Tips for Writing Your Congressperson

Write letters only about the issues of greatest importance to you. That way you don’t dilute your influence or your message. Each letter should be:

Sample Letters

Sample email

Sample letter

Why Does Advocacy Matter for Hotels in New York City?

Raise Awareness

Your advocacy raises awareness of hospitality contributions across all domains of human experience.

Your Expertise Is Needed

You can contribute to analyzing, understanding and resolving key problems facing our city.

Influence others

Drive more attentions to the hard hit industry during the pandamic

Advance the Field

The issues you advocate on can advance the industry and help recovering the city.

Make community better

Hotels, like so many in the hospitality industry, are suffering amid the pandemic and now hotels need your help.

Garner Funding

Speaking up can gain funding for the hospitality industry and important social programs that benefit society.

Take the Next Step

Find out who to contact and stay informed.