HOTEL COOLING TOWER CREDITS: Often Overlooked, Never to be Underestimated.

The Energy Utility marketplace is filled with dozens of rebates, incentives, programs and credits that are available for Clients to take advantage of. Time and time again, we find there is one of several credits that is often overlooked regarding Cooling Tower sewage fees. New York City Hotels are a prime example of facilities that are often unaware of the credits they are able to receive.

Sewage fees, for example, are based on the amount of incoming water supplied by water suppliers. Water suppliers assume the amount of water sent down the drain, is the same amount of water coming in. With Cooling Towers, this is simply not the case due to evaporation. Any New York City facility with Cooling Towers and approved water meter are eligible to receive credits from the Department of Environmental Protection. NuEnergen achieves an 85% recovery credit for Clients related to Cooling Tower Credits, also known as CTC, by working directly with the DEP.

What’s the catch? The extensive application process can be very tedious. However, NuEnergen is very familiar and experienced with the DEP ‘s application process and is the best option to optimize credits and deliver results. NuEnergen’s heavy lifting and has resulted in over $1.3M recovered in Cooling Tower Credits for Clients. Prior to the application process, NuEnergen is typically able to assess a facilities’ Cooling Tower Credit potential quickly right over the phone.

By securing credits for evaporated water, NuEnergen Clients significantly reduce their water bill. Cooling Tower Credits can be a great way to produce substantial savings and even free up capital budget for other sustainability projects. It’s important to take advantage of credits now, while available. Why pay more, when you can pay less?

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