Join HANYC and Evolution Energy Partners on Thursday, November 12th, at 1pm for an educational conversation on how to navigate the post pandemic work environment.
Making up for revenue that was lost or differed due to the impact of COVID-19 will be top of mind for many organizations. What opportunities are out there? How can an organization save critical capital while decreasing operating costs? What equipment may be necessary to provide safe environments for returning workers and guests? The speakers will explore energy-saving opportunities as well as specialized cleaning methods that can help your organization safely follow the rapidly changing health guidelines.
Our content will touch on:
•          Energy Efficiency: Impact of cost savings
•          Driving sustainability goals as part of recovery
•          Energy Market during COVID-19: Impact and how to find opportunities that impact your bottom line
•          Technologies to Disinfect: What will offices need to invest in to make sure the environment is safe for employees?
•          Creative Financing: What options are out that can allow an organization to start low cost/no cost efficiency projects that drive direct impact to the bottom line?
About the Speakers:
Dailey Tipton, Vice President at Evolution Energy Partners has spent many years in senior positions of management where he is recognized for his expertise in energy and sustainability. He has a long history of growing companies, from start-up to Fortune 500 in size. As the leader for revenue generation for Evolution Energy Partners, Dailey focuses on creating opportunities for customers to drive impact to their bottom line through energy management projects while increasing their sustainable footprint. Since the start of the pandemic, Dailey has dedicated his time to speaking at various industry events to share his knowledge of the current market.
Rob Holdsworth, Vice President of Engineering at Evolution Energy Partners, has a 25+ year proven track record of success working for and partnering with Fortune 500 companies, global enterprises, and medium sized businesses across all industries and verticals. His experience covers a depth of executive leadership, energy engineering, senior level operations management, large scale project management, and Six Sigma deployment. Rob is a member of the Association of Energy Engineers and is a credentialed Certified Energy Manager, Certified Energy Auditor, Certified Lighting Energy Professional, Certified Lighting Management Consultant, and a LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP O+M) with the U.S. Green Building Council.