New York Focus: Zoning Laws Are Blocking the Conversion of Hotels into Affordable Housing

Althea Matthews, a Bronx-based affordable housing activist, has been homeless since losing her apartment in a fire in December 2019. She currently lives in a single room in a homeless shelter and is grateful that it’s safe and mostly clean — especially compared to congregate shelters. Still, she wishes that she didn’t have to share a bathroom with other residents, and she has avoided using the kitchen since repeatedly seeing mice on the stove.


BisNow: ‘Wake-Up Call’: Real Estate Leaders Say Subway Shooting Must Sharpen Focus On Public Safety

A mass shooting on the New York City subway in Brooklyn last week put at least 29 people in in the hospital and the entire city on edge. It was also yet another piece of evidence pointing to the decline of the subway as a reliable and safe function of city life, the city’s real estate and business leaders say, and a stark reminder of what is at stake if the vital transit system's safety doesn't improve.



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