GCG RisK Management works to maximize your Operational Leverage in these issues to strengthen your weakest links in the Bermuda Triangle of:
1. Workers’ Comp, Claims Management & Insurance Costs
2. Quality or State of Labor Relations
3. Environmental & Workplace Safety – Claims Management

Workplace Safety & Health –
• Pre-Renovation/Furniture Purchases/Design Installations Safety Reviews
• Mock OSHA Surveys
• OSHA Compliance Management (including assistance in negotiating Citations, settlements, Contests, etc.)
• Technical Guidance & Training on Specific Topics include: Ergonomics, Chemical Safety, Slip/Trips/Falls Prevention, Personal Protective Equipment, Lockout/Tagout, Confined Spaces, Fire Extinguisher Use, Personal Safety & Security, Active Shooter Preparedness, Emergency Plans, etc.
• Workers’ Compensation Insurance & Safety Management Primer Training for Managers & Supervisors
• Role of Labor Relations & Supervisory Skills in Minimizing Accidents, Claims & Losses
• How to Investigate & Compose a Legally, Medically & Fiscally Defensible Accident/Incident Report in the NYS Worker’s Comp Legal & Cultural Environment
• 10 & 30 Hour OSHA General Industry Certification

Related Impact Topics –
• “Building an Environment of Respect” – addressing Ethical Code of Conduct, Professionalism, Zero Tolerance for Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Bullying & Violence in the Workplace
• Using ADA Job Compliance Job Descriptions and Fitness-for-Duty to manage performance issues as a result of anything, including potential chronic ailing health, drug/alcohol addiction, return-to-work from work-related injury, or disability, etc.
• Supervisory & Managerial Skills Enhancement Training (because front line supervisors are the weak/strong link in the chain of accountability & have the strongest influence on representing organization’s ‘spin’ on policies to majority of staff)
• Reviewing, assisting in revising, or ghost writing communiques on related personnel policies and procedures to ensure compliance and integration with OSHA, NYS workers compensation benefits, FMLA, ADA, NYS FML, HIPAA, etc.
• NYC Right-to-Know Compliance
• LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) consulting