Mrs. Clerona Clifford – Room Attendant

Mrs. Clerona Clifford, Room Attendant
Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel

Clerona has been employed with the property for 25 years.

On March 14, 2017 during Snowstorm Stella, this associate empowered herself to take care of our guests. While on the floors cleaning her section Clerona Clifford reported that she helped a guest who was in need of picking up her medication from the pharmacy. The guest indicated to her that she was feeling sick and was out of her medication for a heart condition.

Since the pharmacy did not deliver, Clerona felt compassion for the guest and said she would pick up the medication when she was finished with her work. Since the guest was not from the area and only had the name of the pharmacist, Clerona went to 3 different pharmacies before she was able to reach the correct person.

After verifying her identity with the guest, Clerona was able to deliver the needed medication to the guest. It was difficult for Clerona to navigate her way through the heavy snow on the sidewalk to find the correct pharmacy, but she went beyond her normal work routine to do whatever it takes to deliver a better stay for her guest.

– recommended by Debbie Thompson, Human Resources Manager